This is the overview page for those of my programs I want to publish.

The foundations for several of these Programs were laid in my schooldays.

You may download, compile and run the programs linked from here. I am not liable for any damages that (improbably) might result from using my programs. I will think about any further licensing sometime later.


These little programs run directly in the browser. For me at least, they run smoothest in Chromium; Firefox isn't so good here.



To run these programs, you have to compile them yourself. If you do not want to do that, you can also watch videos of program output.


These programs can be started directly with Java Web Start, but they only have self-signed certificates. Because of that, newer Versions of Java will presumably refuse to run these programs, at least with the default security settings. Also it may happen that Java does not trust the HTTPS certificate of my website, which is signed by the relatively new CA Let’s Encrypt.


The server-side scripting language that I used to program this website I have called BHP for the time being. The language itself is not yet mature enough for publication, but here you can read about some features of BHP.

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