Beneath the veil, where shadows gleam,
A world drifts in a silent dream.
In depths of thoughts that leave the heart unshared,
Wholeness lost, not many souls repaired.
Whispers resonate, as their speakers yearn for peace,
Fleeting breeze,
but despite all, don't quite cease.

Beyond the light, faces I see,
A crowd adrift and still not free.
Their words meander, and yet they are tamed,
Ears are deaf to truths that should be named.
In their songs unshared, I can hear a quiet despair,
Joy is rare,
lost in the midst of thin air.

Through barren minds, the silence flows,
Unspoken truths, the cancer grows.
And all the empty words like echoes fade,
Human touch becomes a masquerade.
Prophets' wisdom, etched on dim-lit ancient scrolls,
Hides in holes,
while all around the night falls.

Lost in translation, gone astray,
Ties binding worlds, slowly decay.
In twisted talk, they cannot find the way,
How to bridge the gap, to let hearts sway.
In infernal voids, where the truth is never heard,
All's absurd,
and no one shares the good word.

The people kneel and offer prayer,
To idols born from false despair.
The warnings flash, but only few will heed,
Still in words ignored, we plant the seed.
Prophets' wisdom burns, written fiery on the wall,
Spurned by all,
as louder still the lies call.

Glimmers of hope, like stars above,
Yet souls remain devoid of love.
Faint whispers blow, into the winds they blend,
Down into this maze, they all descend.
Let us break the chains, and find our voice anew,
Let's pierce through,
and boldly speak what is true.

This song is based on the political science theory of the spiral of silence and heavily inspired by Simon and Garfunkel's song Sound of Silence; in fact, you can sing it to that melody. A first draft of this text was pre-written by ChatGPT 3.5 and then improved upon by me; using gzip compression ratios to estimate my contributions, I got the estimate that about half of the text is contributed by ChatGPT. I plan to sometime make a more meaningful measurement based on the conditional probabilities computed by an open source LLM.
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