The rocks, the trees had names of their own,
but man's alone was lost and stolen.
The moon was dead, the sun was flown;
the fishes swam as if they had never known.

The birds were silent in their nest;
the deer alone stood by to listen.
In fear of death and cold and night,
they knew not what would happen next.

And then from far away there came,
floating over hill and plain,
a music strange and sweet and wild—
the first of man's eternal song!
And as it sang, the world grew old,
the mountains grey, the moon grew cold.

The rocks forgot their ancient names;
the trees were silent in their grief.
The sun was hidden from the sky;
the fishes swam in endless night.

The birds were gone; the deer had fled;
only man remained to hear.
In fear of death and cold and night,
he listened to his own eternal song!

This poem was written by GPT 3, prompted with the first two lines of Tolkien's Song of Durin. My only contributions are deleting the first stanza (which only repeated lines from Tolkien and lines used in another related AI output) and adding a title. I also came up with a melody for it, sang it and ilustrated it using Stable Diffusion, but that is not yet published.
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