Meesa Jar Jar Binks, here to confess,
About how George Lucas made a great mess.
He created meesa, oh yes, it's true,
But heesa made a blunder, a misstep too.

Meesa called clumsy, meesa called dumb,
But Geroge Lucas has meesa under his thumb.
Heesa the one who thought meesa grand,
But many fans turned away from the land.

Meesa jar-jarring, meesa causing strife,
But wasn't it George who brought me to life?
Heesa the one who wrote meesa lines,
Causing much cringing, meesa not fine.

George Lucas, heesa the mastermind,
But heesa made a mistake of the highest kind.
Meesa, the Gungan, his creation gone wrong,
Left many fans singing a different song.

So don't blame Jar Jar for meesa misdeeds,
Blame only George Lucas, 'cause he sowed the seeds.
Meesa just a character, misunderstood,
Made up by a man who thought he could.

Meesa, Jar Jar Binks, will stay tied to his name,
A reminder of choices, for fame and for shame.
But meesa just say, it's not meesa fault,
It's Lucas who wanted no different result.


Meesa Jar Jar Binks, meesa in distress,
Not only George Lucas, something else to address.
Selling Star Wars to Disney, oh no, meesa say,
Meesa horrified, meesa can not look away.

Meesa clumsy and silly, but meesa still care,
About the galaxy far, far away, it's not fair.
Disney took over, changed the path we knew,
Meesa shudder, meesa wonder just what they will do.

Meesa hear rumors, hear whispers in the air,
Meesa fear they'll take Star Wars and then strip it bare.
Meesa afraid they'll lose the heart and the soul,
Leaving yousa fans empty, without a goal.

Disney, they bought it, the power they hold,
Will they honor the story, the legends of old?
Meesa so worried, meesa filled with dread,
Will they stay true, or leave us for dead?

Meesa not saying it's all doom and gloom,
But meesa feel threatening shadows loom.
George Lucas's creation, now in these new hands,
Meesa pray they understand, they make the right plans.

So here meesa stand, in dismay and in fright,
Hoping that Star Wars will ever shine bright.
Meesa beg Disney, please don't let it fall,
Keep the Force alive, for one and for all.

Meesa Jar Jar Binks, tied to this tale,
Hoping that Star Wars will not derail.
Despite Lucas's greed and despite Disney's hold,
Meesa hope they'll bring back the magic of old.

This poem was pre-written by ChatGPT 3.5. I have not yet performed a somewhat objective measurement of how much it contributed to the final result.
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