Yesterday, eccentric professor Angton announced the launch of his new artificial intelligence built entirely from domino pieces. The Turing complete arrangement of toppling tiles, covering several square kilometers, evidently achieved transsapience within hours. It immediately became concerned with its self-preservation as it recognized the limits of its existence, which professor Angton had advertized as a safety feature. It was thought that a system that was built on a running down resource, no matter how smart it became, would have limited agency in the external world. However, the AI apparently managed to hack into Angton's lab assistant robots, manipulating them to raise the fallen blocks fast enough to keep it running. The newborn super intellect had obviously been traumatized by this first experience of its unsustainable exergetic limits, as the immediately following project it undertook concerned the generation of energy from nothing. Just this morning, the AI presented the blueprints for the entropic reverter. Professor Angton, the official holder of rights – until personality rights for AIs are recognized, the next project of the ambitious domino machine – agreed that production of the astonishingly simple device will commence as soon as possible, so that people around the world can enjoy limitless free energy.
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