These little hedgehog figurines I have made from acrylic joint sealer:

3 hedgehogs made from acrylic joint sealer
3 hedgehogs made from acrylic joint sealer


  1. Lay down a newspaper sheet.
  2. On it, form a half-ball of about 3-4 cm diameter from acrylic joint sealer and make a pointed extension to one side; that will be the head. The half-ball may also be stretched into a half-ellipsoid in the direction of the extension.
  3. Stab the half-sphere several times with a nail and each time pull out a cusp. These will be the prickles.
  4. Use the nail to shape the eye holes.
  5. Put a small ball of partially hardened joint sealer on the tip of the extension as the nose.
  6. Wait until it is hard.
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